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Pathway Pavers

Pathway Pavers


When it comes to pathway pavers, the most common types used include bricks or clay, natural stones, engraved, concrete, and even rubber. The main difference between pathway pavers and walkway pavers is pathway pavers are usually separated into fragments, bordered with pavers or filled in-between with landscaping rocks.

Pathway pavers offer numerous benefits and are also used in certain areas wherein people often go, including residential complexes, shopping malls, car parks, commercial buildings, and many others.

One of the benefits of using pathway pavers include improved appeal of places that lead to properties. In particular, natural stone pavers are favored due to their exquisite appeal and innate beauty. Sidewalks made from premium pavers can also act as buffer zones between vehicle traffic and pedestrians to ensure safety. These can also offer protection to gardens to allow you, your family, and your guests to freely roam around the garden with no need to step on them.

The available colors of pathway pavers you can choose from include sage, khaki, caramel, terracotta, honeycomb, beige, off-white, light or dark green, and aqua or apple green.

The different shapes of pathway pavers include square, rectangle, hexagon, circle, traditional brick, and cobblestone.

Once cleverly combined, such paver options can also be made for achieving designs that resemble Old World, contemporary, and modern themes which can complement the existing theme of your property.

The different pathway pavers are being used in commercial and public applications. These types of pavers boast of different characteristics and offer specific benefits. For the city sidewalks, brick and concrete pavers are often used by engineers because they can withstand high usage with slip proof surfaces.

Engraved pavers can be used on the city sidewalks for tribute or commemorative purposes.

Concrete, clay bricks, and natural stones are the common types of pathway pavers for residential purposes.

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