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Stone Pavers

Stone Pavers


Without a doubt, stone pavers are among the most prized and attractive building and landscaping materials used by builders, property owners, landscape designers, contractors, architects, and artisans. Due to their decorative possibilities and sheer beauty, stone pavers are commonly used in landscaping.

Landscape structures made of the highest quality natural stones like marble, slate, granite, limestone, bluestone, flagstone, and porphyry have the ability to withstand extreme weather changes and loads. It means that you don’t have to spend a large amount of money just to replace or repair them after a while.

Stone pavers are also perfect for several applications, mainly outdoors, since these need very minimal maintenance. Most of the time, the only thing you need for maintaining their pleasant appearance is to use a jet spray to wash the surface on a regular basis. Although they may be a bit expensive compared to other materials, stone pavers can more than make up for the price with their functionality, incredible strength, and beauty.

In general, natural stones are quarried and used as is but there are some subjected to some form of manufacturing processes for the stones to be more marketable. The different colors, designs, textures, and finishes of natural stones also mean that they are ideal for those projects that need great deals of personalization. For instance, some of the available finishes of stone pavers are thermal, polished, flamed, and honed. Meanwhile, you can also choose from diamond, full course, square, hexagonal, half-course, marquise, and circle paver shapes.

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