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Signs That You Need New Pavers

No matter how much you look after your property, it is bound to show signs of aging at some point. The first few signs that your property is turning old include fading or cracking of the exterior paint and cracks or other signs of damage on your pavement. While most homeowners get their houses repainted, not many foci on getting new pavers installed. A time would come when your pavers will start to look old and unappealing, and you’ll be left with no option but to get them replaced.

We’ve listed down some signs that indicate that it’s time to install new pavers

on your driveway. Let’s have a look at what these signs are and how many can you already detect!

1. Cracked Pavers

You can’t prevent the formation of cracks in your pavers. You can employ ways to delay their appearance, but in no way can you prevent them altogether. The pavers are exposed to external elements all their life. Water seeps through the gaps over time. When winters strike, the water under the pavers freezes and expands, forming new cracks and worsening existing ones. If you’ve started to observe cracks in your pavers, it is high time that you get new pavers installed.

2. Potholes

Potholes are worse than cracks. They not only damage the suspension of the car but also pose a serious trip hazard. Potholes usually occur when the ground beneath the pavers expands, shifts, or contracts. A time comes when the pavers settle and potholes form. The worst thing about potholes is that water can accumulate in them and damage the pavers further. If your pavers have developed potholes in them, you know what you got to do – get new pavers!

3. Drainage Issues

Water puddles shouldn’t form on the pavers under normal circumstances. However, if you see water accumulating on the pavers on one side or there is the formation of water puddles, you need to be alert. Standing water can cause serious damage to the pavers. Although drainage issues are a sign of the underlying problems, so you need to do something about it soon. Either the pavers have slopped or settled at some point, which is causing the drainage issues. Whatever the case is, you need to get the problem inspected and fixed. If water accumulation is too much, it’s time to install new pavers on your driveway!

4. Bad Appearance

You can’t expect your pavers to look as good as they looked 15 years ago. Pavers will lose their beauty and appeal after some years. When they start to affect the curb appeal and overall appearance of your property, know that you need to get new pavers installed to restore the missing vibe!


When the pavers are old and worn out, you should know that it’s time to get new pavers installed. You can’t get them repaired all the time. Getting new pavers will leave you stress-free for several years.